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What is WCRB?
We are an active and inclusive organization that is for, by, and about women and our power to create positive change in the lives of individuals in our community. Our members are vibrant, caring, family-oriented women of all ages and backgrounds. Our club is part of the Marina District of the California Federation of Women’s Clubs.
What Does WCRB do?

Members volunteer their time and talents for the betterment of our community.  Our community service activities and outreach include but are not limited to: Arts and Music, Historical Preservation, Conservation, Scholarships, Leadership, Home Life/Family Assistance, Veteran Affairs and Community Education.  Many volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year and our members strive to make volunteering FUN!  

How to get involved?

Become a member and join a committee today! Please see our Membership page.

List of Committees (not an exhaustive list):


  • Fundraisers

  • Scholarships

  • Other Events/Fun

  • Preservation

  • Nominations

  • Bylaws

  • Advocates for Children, victims of Domestic Violence 

  • International Outreach

  • Historian

  • Member and Student Arts


To join a committee, indicate your interests on your membership application and let a Board Member or the Club President know during our meeting social hour.

When are the meetings?

Monthly meetings of our general membership are held at our clubhouse at 400 S. Broadway in Redondo Beach on the 3rd Monday of the month, starting each September through the first week of June (the last general meeting is the 1st Monday of June). A social hour at 10am is followed by a business meeting at 11am and catered lunch at 12:15. If you plan to stay for lunch, please call ahead for a reservation: (310) 317-9766. Payment (by check, cash, or Venmo or Zelle) for lunch (if you are staying for lunch) is due upon arrival when you sign in.


Committees determine their own meeting schedules as needed to achieve their goals. 


Elected officers and Board members meet on the 1st Monday of the month year-round, at a time and place determined by the President and the Board. A minimum of one year of membership (some positions require longer) is generally required to be eligible for one of our many leadership positions on the Board.

What if I don't have time to get involved?
We welcome new members regardless of their level of participation. Your membership will allow you to stay informed about our philanthropic projects, fundraisers and other goings on via the Club’s monthly newsletter (Sep. – June). As you are able, you can join us for any part(s) of our monthly meetings and club events.
How else can I help support WCRB?

Whether you become a member or not, we welcome your help in raising funds for specific community projects or to maintain our historic clubhouse. Our clubhouse was built in 1922 specifically for the Woman’s Club of Redondo Beach and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It also provides a welcoming environment for youth group meetings and events. Large,  historical structures like ours are in constant need of repairs, maintenance and occasional updates. Here are other ways to contribute to this gem of Redondo Beach or to the many causes we support:


o Donate via Venmo ( or Zelle ( or by mailing a check to WCRB, 400 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

Please use the memo/notes area to let us know if your donation is for a specific WCRB project or cause. Receipts are available on request.


o Buy tickets to attend our fundraisers and events.


o Donate goods or services for a silent auction fundraiser or for clubhouse upkeep.


o Donate gently used items to our annual rummage sale usually held either in early October or early March.


o Consider renting the clubhouse for your business meetings or classes, or for an upcoming party, celebration or other special event. (See Clubhouse Rental tab for more information about our clubhouse.)


o If you have a special talent, knowledge or skill you would like to share with us, call us to tell us about it for consideration as a future luncheon program/presentation. Our members appreciate being entertained or learning new things during the luncheon portion of our monthly meetings.

How do I join WCRB?

Please see our Membership Tab for more information.

When was the Clubhouse built?
Was the Clubhouse always the Clubhouse for the Woman’s Club of Redondo Beach?

Yes it was built by the WCRB as the clubhouse. 

400 South Broadway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 316-9766
Tax ID # 95-1385679
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